Walking is great!

Walking made fun – makes you feel healthy

We all know that exercise is important for our health, but despite that very few actually go out. Personally, I think it might be because it’s sometimes boring. At least I think it’s boring sometimes. I’ve been taking at least one hour walks every day for the last six months, no matter what the weather. It’s sometimes horrible when it’s stormy and rainy, but it’s also wonderful to see the changes of the weather.

I started when I got the tips from a colleague who also have been walking every day. I was talking a bit to her and I got curious. She said it had changed her well-being a lot, to the positive. After our conversation I figured I could try it for a week, just a 30 minute walk every night after work. I made sure to get my comfortable shoes and packed an apple in my bag, so I could easily take an extra route on the way home.

Also, I made sure to have my headset with me, and after work I started may favourite playlist and started walking. The night before, I had already decided what way I’d go. I started walking in a slow tempo, because I was not that into a workout. I figured I’d just take it easy and not get all sweaty, since it’s not a workout.

When I got home, I was not tired at all. It was really nice to get some fresh air and move a little bit. I fell asleep very well that night, and the morning after I felt more rested than usual. The next day I did the same thing, and it already felt very much easier. Since then, I’ve been taking longer and longer walks every day. Usually my walks get up to one hour and I vary my route from time to time.

I love walking in the forest as well

I really feel better and I think it makes a huge difference for me as well. I sleep better at night, I eat more healthy and I have a lot mor energy in daytime. Taking the stairs is also much easier and I drink more water. I also feel more healthy and I haven’t been struck that hard from the common colds that my colleagues have had.

Taking daily walks really have improved my health, and I have no intention on quitting. In six months, I might have cheated once or twice, once when I was away on a longer journey and once when I felt too sick to go out. Even when I felt a bit sick I went on a walk, but just a very short one. It actually helped, together with tea, lots of water and a bit of rest. I think the fresh air helped a lot also and as I started to feel better I also began walking a bit more. The last months I’ve not  had a single cold, although my colleagues have hade some.

To sum it all up, I can really recommend taking walks, even if it’s just very short walks. It will make you feel better, feel more healthy and you will have a lot more energy. Get a pair of nice walking shoes, good playlist and enjoy the view. Even if it’s just a ten minute walk, it’s a hundred times better than not going out. Good luck!