Healthy food is also fun food!

Top five favourite foods!

Hi again! Hope you like what I’ve been writing so far! I figured I could share with you that kinds of foods I like, and what I think about them. As I said before, I’m not vegan and I eat both meat and dairy, but I trie to eat less and less of it. I try to go to a more clean and vegan diet, but I still think it can be good to eat at least fish and some kind of meat sometimes. And it’s actually very tasty, if I might say that. However, I’ve listed a few things that I eat a lot, and quickly explain why I think it’s good for you.

Avocado with som salt and pepper - really tasty!Avocado – first of all it’s really tasty! I love taking a perfect fresh and ripe avocado, split it in half and sprinkle just a little bit of salt and pepper on it. I can eat this for brakfast, lunch, dinner and in between them all! Sometimes I take a piece of toast or hard bread, avocado and a tomato, with som salt and pepper for breakfast. Sometimes I do that as a lighter lunch or as a filling meal in between. I also like to use it in home made guacamole, because it’s really fresh and creamy. I definitely recommend!

Oats – oat meal is my go-to breakfast every day. This together with some frozen berries and almond milk makes a great start. With this I’m full of energy for the rest of the day and mu lunch is often something light like a chicken salad. Also, it’s really nice to get some warm food in your belly in the morning!

Eggs – again, I’m not vegan. Although, the egg industri is extremely bad and I feel sorry for all the poor chickens that are treated badly. I don’t want to support this industry, so that’s why I’m very conscious about what eggs I buy. That’s why I always make sure it’s from hens that are free to go around, either outside or inside. When it come to food, I think eggs are great. I often have a few boiled in the fridge, so I can take one if I need something extra. I also make omelettes and have it in other meals, to make it more filling and nutritious.

Chia seeds – I’m not really sure of however it is seen as super food or not anymore. However, I sometimes take a pinch of chia seeds and put it in my home made bread. Sometimes I sprinkle it in my water together with a piece of cucumbers to spice up my water a little.

– I love lime! I use it a lot in my cooking to give som freshness to the meal, as well as in my water to spice it up. I drink a lot of water and though it’s very good just as it is, I like to vary the taste a little bit. Actually I’m not a big fan of lemons, I prefer lime almost every time. Also, having a bit of lime zest in cupcakes or even bread gives it a completely different sensation!

Lime is useful in many ways!

I find these foods very useful and I believe it’s at least a little bit healthy. I’ve been eating this for about three years now and I feel really good, both inside and outside. It’s easy for me to buy this at where I live, but I understand it can be a bit hard to find all of it all over the world. However, I’m sure you can find at least one of them, and I can really recommend to try at least one of them in some kind of meal. Good luck and hope you like it!