Why I do yoga

Yoga! This wonderful and easy form of training that has been with me for about three years now! It has helped me through rough times as well as given me more energy to make more healthy life choices. I have lost my health problems, my back and neck pain, and instead got a better posture as well as a whole bunch of new friends!

It was a rainy day in november some years ago, that my friend dragged me to her yoga studio. She had been nagging for a long time and she really wanted me to go. With some resistance I decided to join her, since I was really tired of the nagging. I must say I was not happy about it at first. I had almost no balance, no control over my body and not really any muscles. However, I continued the course for some weeks, and I started to loosen up – both in my body and in my mindset towards the form of exercise. Next thing I know, I’ve signed up for the next semester and another course.

Since then, I have been going to yoga and soon after the second course I started taking my daily walks. I have really noticed a difference from then till now, and I feel a thousand times better now.

The poses and movements I do is actually not that hard. I go on courses with very low difficulty, since I mostly just do it to stay in shape. Sometimes I try a harder level with more focus on certain areas, like more stamina, stretch or more classic yoga. Although, I feel confident in the level I’m on and I like to stay here as a base. My friend climbed up in the levels and before she moved away from town she had tried them all at least once.

But why do I do it? Well, mainly because I feel good and because it’s fun. As I said, I’ve gotten rid of my back and neck problems, as well as built a better posture. I sleep better at night, I have no longer any weird urges in food and I’ve managed to change my diet to a more healthy one. I’ve made a lot of friends and every semester I get some new ones. I go to class two times a week and every morning I do a small yoga routine. It’s basically just a stretch program to wake up my body and get the blood going. This is quite new, I’ve just been doing it for some months now, and I have no plan on changing that.

I think yoga also helps me work with stress, since I get to focus on something else for a while, I focus on myself. That helps a lot, I think.