Coconut Oil

The many usages of coconut oil

A few years ago, the hype was at its highest about coconut oil. Now it seems like it has faded away a little bit, leaving just a few users left. I’m one of the few that still uses it daily, and have been even since before the hype. I’ve used it for many years for a lot of different things, and I figured I could share some of them with you. I hereby present: my list of when I use and have been using coconut oil! Just remember to use organic coconut oil, since it’s a big difference for your skin. You want it as pure as possible, to make sure it’s healthy. Hope you like it!


Of course I’ve been cooking a lot with it! Now, I use almost exclusively coconut oil when frying. It handles temperature well and it gives no taste, if you use the taste-free one. However, the best and most pure oil has a slight taste and smell to it. When I cook, I use both with and without taste. Usually it’s no worries with a little coconut taste in my food, since I cook with very fresh seasoning and coconut fits right in to that. When I fry fish and meat however, I tend to use the one without scent since I want the food to taste another way.

Body and face

After showering I just love to use coconut oil as a lotion! Especially the one with scent, so I smell like a coconut! Some years ago, I used up my last bottle of lotion and I never bought a new one. I just scoop up some coconut oil, put it in an old jar that had lotion in it before, and use the oil. I have to warm it up before it becomes a liquid though, since it’s not that warm at home. If I put the jar with lid in the shower, it has warmed up just enough when I’m finished. If I want to use it some other time, I can put a small piece in the microwave, and out comes a warm, floating lotion that is wonderful to put on the skin! Sometimes I even put in some essential oils, to give it another aroma.


Speaking of aromas and essential oil, I sometimes use coconut oil as a sort of perfume. I have a wide variety of essential oils at home, and I often mix some up with coconut oil to get a scented lotion. It’s perfect to wear when I want to feel a bit nicer, and I can decide exactly how much scent I want to have. Peppermint, lavender, camomile and lemon is a few of the ones I have, and I especially like a combination of lemon and peppermint. It’s fresh and I can use it basically any day. It also helps soften my skin, which is an extra bonus. Home made perfume is the best perfume!

Tired feet

When out on hikes or travels, my feet tend to get a bit tired and dry. To avoid this, and to treat it when it happens, I get a lot of coconut oil on my feet and sleep with plastic bags on them. It holds the oil and avoids mushing it around in my bed. Sometimes I also use some fresh lemon juice to get rid of odour, and to make it feel a bit fresher. If you like taking a foot bath, I can recommend to have a bit of lemon juice, and some baking soda, as well as coconut oil of course! It feels really nice afterwards!