Detox water

My heart beats 4 water

Tastefull and refreshing detox waterToday I would like to talk about water. I honestly think that water is the best thing you can treat your body with. My friends drink a lot of sodas and they think that water is tasteless and boring. But it does not have to be. When I want something extra tasty to drink I just make a bottle of Detox water. It tastes great and it looks beautiful. Call me silly, but for me, the presentation is just as important as the content

Make it look tasteful

I often use bottles or cans made of glass with a metal lid on it. Just fill them with beautiful leaves of mint and various pieces of citrus fruits, slices of cucumber and a few colorful berries. My favorite combination is mint, lime and raspberries. No sickly sweet soda can compere to this quencher.

Let your bottle stand in the refrigerator for an hour or two before you drink the water. By that time the flavors will taste great and the stare vill be refreshingly cold. Put a straw in the can and enjoy.


Did you know that:

  • A grown up human body contains about 70 % water.
  • About 70-75% of the earth surface is covered with water.
  • The weight you loose directly after a workout is the loss of water, not fat.
  • Pure water has a neutral PH of 7.
  • By the time you feel thirsty, you have lost 1% of your total water amount.
  • A healthy person can drink about 3 gallons of water a day.
  • You can get water intoxication if you drink to much water.

Source reference.

Have a nice day everyone. I really do hope that you give water a chance. Not just for the taste, for your health.. and teeth. Say goodbye to the sodas, at least to a few of them 😉