My morning routine

Hello again dear readers! Today I want to write and tell you about how my mornings are and what I do to prepare for a new day. Perhaps it’s nothing special, but I thought some of you might be interested in reading it. Then, this is for you!

I go to work at right before 8 in the morning, so I usually wake up around 7. I have my alarm set at 6.45, but sometimes I lay down a bit extra to make my body wake up a little more. It’s a nice thing to do, just laying in bed and slowly waving your toes, lifting your legs, moving your head. I like to make sure my body is completely awake before I get up.

Once I climb out of bed, I start making my breakfast. Most often it’s just oatmeal with some berries and almond milk. I also drink a big glass of water as soon as I get up, and sometimes I take a cup of tea with my breakfast. When the oatmeal is cooking in the microwave I do some very simple yoga. I’ve been doing it since a year back and I have no plan on stopping! It gives me energy and my body feels better and I haven’t had any neck or back pain since I started. It’s really basic, just a few easy poses. I can explain it furthermore later when in another post.

After yoga, the oatmeal is ready. A stir and a dash of cinnamon together with some almond milk and more berries, and it’s ready to serve! It’s a great way to start my day, with some warm and tasty food. If I don’t drink any tea in the morning, I’ll take a cup once in the office.

I always make sure to sit down in peace to eat, and I don’t get up until I’m totally finished with my food. If I have anything in my mouth, I’ll sit down until I’m done. I think this is very important, because eating and being stressed is never good. Take your time and you’ll feel much better! After eating, I go and freshen up. Sometimes, if I got time, I’ll take a shower. Otherwise I’ll just get my hair done, perhaps put just a little make up on, and brush my teeth. It’s very much depending on how much time I have, but I always brush my teeth and make sure my hair looks kind of good.

After this, I get dressed and go off to work. I live close to my work so it doesn’t take very long time to get there. Also, taking a walk or riding the bike in the morning is really nice. I wake up even more, and I get some fresh air. Much better than sitting in a small car or in a crowded bus. Basically, my morning is about waking up very carefully, and making sure I’m ready for the day. I like my morning routine, and I don’t think it takes too much time either. If you have any tips or recommendations to what I can do better, or any tips really – please contact me! Until nest time, take care!

My morning cup of tea!

I’m so excited!

Hi dear readers!

This is the first time I’m ever writing on this blog, or any blog really. I’m really excited to start writing about everything possible. First I think I’m going to write something about fair make up, that’s vegan and friendly for your wallet, the planet, animals and of course your skin! Usually I just use a little make up to give a little extra finish. But mostly I think beauty should come from the inside and from feeling good. Therefor, I’ll write some about that as well. Feel good, eat good, move your body and avoid the bad things in food.

I’m not vegan, but I try to both eat and consume more consciously. I’m not a big fan of the bad industries where both people and animals are hurt. Sadly the environment often has to suffer for mankind’s greed and I don’t like that either. That is also a reason for why I made this blog – I want to make people more aware of this.

Also, I’ll be posting some thoughts about beauty and make up, maybe share some tips and ideas. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I write about and I’m looking forward of sharing everything I have in my head!

Until next time, take care and have a great day!