The many usages of coconut oil

A few years ago, the hype was at its highest about coconut oil. Now it seems like it has faded away a little bit, leaving just a few users left. I’m one of the few that still uses it daily, and have been even since before the hype. I’ve used it for many years for a lot of different things, and I figured I could share some of them with you. I hereby present: my list of when I use and have been using coconut oil! Just remember to use organic coconut oil, since it’s a big difference for your skin. You want it as pure as possible, to make sure it’s healthy. Hope you like it!


Of course I’ve been cooking a lot with it! Now, I use almost exclusively coconut oil when frying. It handles temperature well and it gives no taste, if you use the taste-free one. However, the best and most pure oil has a slight taste and smell to it. When I cook, I use both with and without taste. Usually it’s no worries with a little coconut taste in my food, since I cook with very fresh seasoning and coconut fits right in to that. When I fry fish and meat however, I tend to use the one without scent since I want the food to taste another way.

Body and face

After showering I just love to use coconut oil as a lotion! Especially the one with scent, so I smell like a coconut! Some years ago, I used up my last bottle of lotion and I never bought a new one. I just scoop up some coconut oil, put it in an old jar that had lotion in it before, and use the oil. I have to warm it up before it becomes a liquid though, since it’s not that warm at home. If I put the jar with lid in the shower, it has warmed up just enough when I’m finished. If I want to use it some other time, I can put a small piece in the microwave, and out comes a warm, floating lotion that is wonderful to put on the skin! Sometimes I even put in some essential oils, to give it another aroma.


Speaking of aromas and essential oil, I sometimes use coconut oil as a sort of perfume. I have a wide variety of essential oils at home, and I often mix some up with coconut oil to get a scented lotion. It’s perfect to wear when I want to feel a bit nicer, and I can decide exactly how much scent I want to have. Peppermint, lavender, camomile and lemon is a few of the ones I have, and I especially like a combination of lemon and peppermint. It’s fresh and I can use it basically any day. It also helps soften my skin, which is an extra bonus. Home made perfume is the best perfume!

Tired feet

When out on hikes or travels, my feet tend to get a bit tired and dry. To avoid this, and to treat it when it happens, I get a lot of coconut oil on my feet and sleep with plastic bags on them. It holds the oil and avoids mushing it around in my bed. Sometimes I also use some fresh lemon juice to get rid of odour, and to make it feel a bit fresher. If you like taking a foot bath, I can recommend to have a bit of lemon juice, and some baking soda, as well as coconut oil of course! It feels really nice afterwards!

Top five favourite foods!

Hi again! Hope you like what I’ve been writing so far! I figured I could share with you that kinds of foods I like, and what I think about them. As I said before, I’m not vegan and I eat both meat and dairy, but I trie to eat less and less of it. I try to go to a more clean and vegan diet, but I still think it can be good to eat at least fish and some kind of meat sometimes. And it’s actually very tasty, if I might say that. However, I’ve listed a few things that I eat a lot, and quickly explain why I think it’s good for you.

Avocado with som salt and pepper - really tasty!Avocado – first of all it’s really tasty! I love taking a perfect fresh and ripe avocado, split it in half and sprinkle just a little bit of salt and pepper on it. I can eat this for brakfast, lunch, dinner and in between them all! Sometimes I take a piece of toast or hard bread, avocado and a tomato, with som salt and pepper for breakfast. Sometimes I do that as a lighter lunch or as a filling meal in between. I also like to use it in home made guacamole, because it’s really fresh and creamy. I definitely recommend!

Oats – oat meal is my go-to breakfast every day. This together with some frozen berries and almond milk makes a great start. With this I’m full of energy for the rest of the day and mu lunch is often something light like a chicken salad. Also, it’s really nice to get some warm food in your belly in the morning!

Eggs – again, I’m not vegan. Although, the egg industri is extremely bad and I feel sorry for all the poor chickens that are treated badly. I don’t want to support this industry, so that’s why I’m very conscious about what eggs I buy. That’s why I always make sure it’s from hens that are free to go around, either outside or inside. When it come to food, I think eggs are great. I often have a few boiled in the fridge, so I can take one if I need something extra. I also make omelettes and have it in other meals, to make it more filling and nutritious.

Chia seeds – I’m not really sure of however it is seen as super food or not anymore. However, I sometimes take a pinch of chia seeds and put it in my home made bread. Sometimes I sprinkle it in my water together with a piece of cucumbers to spice up my water a little.

– I love lime! I use it a lot in my cooking to give som freshness to the meal, as well as in my water to spice it up. I drink a lot of water and though it’s very good just as it is, I like to vary the taste a little bit. Actually I’m not a big fan of lemons, I prefer lime almost every time. Also, having a bit of lime zest in cupcakes or even bread gives it a completely different sensation!

Lime is useful in many ways!

I find these foods very useful and I believe it’s at least a little bit healthy. I’ve been eating this for about three years now and I feel really good, both inside and outside. It’s easy for me to buy this at where I live, but I understand it can be a bit hard to find all of it all over the world. However, I’m sure you can find at least one of them, and I can really recommend to try at least one of them in some kind of meal. Good luck and hope you like it!

Chickensalad – one of my favorites

One thing that bothers me a lot is how much food that goes to waste every year. People just throw out their leftovers or half empty food packaging. A soft banana goes right in the trash. There is so much we could spare.

Saving tip
  • Soft fruit – slice them up, put them in the fridge and use them for smoothies. If you have some soft banans you can also make a delicious banana cake .
  • A small piece of cheese: grate the cheese and use it on a potato gratin (can be frozen as well).
  • Old bread – slice it up and turn the breadcrumbs in some olive oil, salt and herbs and fry them in a pan. Voilá croutons!
  • A few boiled potatoes left since yesterdays dinner – make some mashed potatoes and add whatever piece of meat you have and make a lunchbox to put in the fridge.use your leftovers

All in – when I have a little bit of everything in the fridge I usually make what I call an “all in”. I chop everything up and put it in either a frying pan or in the oven. It often turns out very good 🙂

Please comment if you have a great saving tip so that we don´t have to waste so much food 🙂
I would like to sum up with a recipe of my favorite food – chicken salad! It could be made on a hundred different ways. So I´ll just let you know how I think when I´m cooking.

RecipeMy favourite lunch
  1. The main ingredient – the chicken! I make my own marinade the night before so that the flavors can soak in. I want the chicken to taste a lot.
  2. Something a bit strong – I want something that stand out without taking over the dish. Ruccola is the perfect candidate for that.
  3. Something crunchy – I need some chewing resistance. so I add some seeds. My favorite is pumpkin seeds.
  4. Something cheesy – the finishing touch: some salad cheese.
  5. Something salty – if it’s one of those days when I allow my self to eat a bit extra meat, I´ll add some bacon.
  6. Something fresh – watermelon and pomegranate are my to favorites to freshen up the dish with.


Detox water

My heart beats 4 water

Tastefull and refreshing detox waterToday I would like to talk about water. I honestly think that water is the best thing you can treat your body with. My friends drink a lot of sodas and they think that water is tasteless and boring. But it does not have to be. When I want something extra tasty to drink I just make a bottle of Detox water. It tastes great and it looks beautiful. Call me silly, but for me, the presentation is just as important as the content

Make it look tasteful

I often use bottles or cans made of glass with a metal lid on it. Just fill them with beautiful leaves of mint and various pieces of citrus fruits, slices of cucumber and a few colorful berries. My favorite combination is mint, lime and raspberries. No sickly sweet soda can compere to this quencher.

Let your bottle stand in the refrigerator for an hour or two before you drink the water. By that time the flavors will taste great and the stare vill be refreshingly cold. Put a straw in the can and enjoy.


Did you know that:

  • A grown up human body contains about 70 % water.
  • About 70-75% of the earth surface is covered with water.
  • The weight you loose directly after a workout is the loss of water, not fat.
  • Pure water has a neutral PH of 7.
  • By the time you feel thirsty, you have lost 1% of your total water amount.
  • A healthy person can drink about 3 gallons of water a day.
  • You can get water intoxication if you drink to much water.

Source reference.

Have a nice day everyone. I really do hope that you give water a chance. Not just for the taste, for your health.. and teeth. Say goodbye to the sodas, at least to a few of them 😉