Pre-travel thoughts

It’s not long until my flight leaves for Thailand now, and I’m sooo excited to go! It feels like i booked the trip an eternity ago, and I just want to get there now. Even though it still feels a bit scary to travel to pretty much the other side of the world all by myself, the nervousity has kind of turned into excitement. Everyone I’ll meet at the resort will be people who share my mindset, so I don’t feel like making new friends will be a problem!

One thing that is a problem, however, is packing. I’ve always been terrible at packing, and bring waay to much things with me every time.. For the three years that I’ve been practising yoga and mindfulness I’ve also been trying to go down a more minimalistic path – but it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. In my mind, I would just get rid of everything I don’t need and life would get easier just like that. I did however realize that I’m terrible at throwing away things because “I might need them someday”, and that I buy way to much stuff. So my plan of becoming a minimalist and not having much to choose from when packing from my trip failed miserably. So here I am, sat on the floor, filling my suitcase with way more shorts than I’ll need.

It’s still about one month left until I leave, but I’ve started packing already. It’s not like I’m going to have any use for my shorts here in the UK anyway.. And I’m getting so excited to leave, looking at pictures from the resort I’ll be staying at pretty much every day. It looks absolutely beautiful, and I’m a bit worrid that I’ll want to stay forever once I get there. The resort is set on the beach, and I’ll be staying at a bungalow just by the water – that’s the dream! Imagine finding inner peace through yoga and meditation at a place like that, where there will be no noise other than the waves coming in on the beach.. Can you tell that I’m excited?

By the way, do you remember how I wrote about my fear of flying in the last post? I though that online casino would be the remedy, but now I’ve found a new favourite entertainment – betting! I’ve always been into sports, football especially, so I don’t know why I haven’t discovered online betting until now? I found a site called that provides an odds comparison and a list for where you can find live streams from different matches. I’ve fallen in love with the excitement, and imagine placing a bet and watching the live stream from the match on the plane? The flight will pass in no time! Like I said, I’m so excited to go…